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Creating beautiful trench coats
for today's women.

Let’s give women back the power to make fashion their own. And the future will be beautiful!
MIEG is the story of a brand that says all women are irresistible in Trench coats!

Trench coats for real women

At MIEG, we want to create beautiful things, for beautiful women. And don’t get us wrong, when we talk about beautiful women at Mieg, we’re not just talking about Laetitia Casta, we’re talking about us. Your girlfriend, your cousin, your neighbor and even your children’s teacher. In short, all of us.

All of us


This is the story of a brand that makes the luxury of a beautiful trench coat accessible and works tirelessly to have a positive impact. In a textile industry which is upside down, which makes
children work on the other side of the world so that our own teenagers love it, which hammers
home the message that fashion has to change every week, which encourages us to fill our wardrobes
with clothes that have become disposable because the quality is so deplorable, in this world, we
wanted to do things better.

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Doing things

means producing in France

To create jobs close to the people we love, while playing an active role in the relocation of the craft and textile industries in France. Doing things better means being incredibly demanding with our partners’ working conditions.

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Doing things

means taking the time

Producing fairly and just the needed quantity. At MIEG, you have to wait, because it’s good for the planet, because it’s respectful of our partners who work to make you look pretty in a trench coat.

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Doing things

means making clothes that last.

Repairable clothes, timeless clothes, clothes that are passed on.

Clothes for girlfriends,
imagined by two girlfriends

Founders Angélique and Mathilde

At first we were colleagues, then girlfriends, after that friends and now partners. Mieg is our baby,
and we chose the name “Mieg” in a nod to Eastern France, where Angélique was born.

Far from the diktats of fashion and fast fashion, we invent trench coats, spicing them up with the most feminine, cheerful and sometimes even surprising details! We believe in beauty that’s good for
the planet and good for people.

At Mieg, we’re not perfect, but we definitely do our best.

This is just
the beginning

Previews of the latest novelties, exclusive offers and surprises are awaiting you!

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